Are Tefal Ingenio pans better than others?

Tefal Ingenio is a uniquely designed non-stick pan. The Tefal Ingenio brand is well known for innovation and has not sold short on this product. The company has acquired a patent for the unique detachable handles included in this pans. Apart from this feature, the pans have other unique features that are both user-friendly and efficient.

In this article is a review of the Tefal Ingenio including the features that make-up this product.

The easy to detach handles only need to be clicked and removed for easy storage or transporting.

Cooking with the Ingenio is an experience like no other. This is because it can cook well in the oven or on hot plates.

Durability is a guarantee for the Tefal Ingenio product having a warranty of a whopping 10-years. This shows how confident the manufacturer is with this particular product.

Quality is in this impeccable pans, and lids no longer are designed in the traditional model. The Ingenio material matches modern cooking methods saving energy by heating fast and cooling slowly.

The Tefal Ingenio comprises of the latest technology. This includes a Thermo-Spot, a technology that can tell you when to start cooking. This saves energy and ensures you can cook a perfect meal.

All utensils face a similar challenge which is cleaning. The oil from the foods make cleaning a nightmare, but still one has to clean well to avoid bacteria and fungi. The Ingenio has been achieved with a titanium nonstick material, ensuring that cleaning is no longer a challenge with this excellent product.

Material and Package
The Ingenio products range from frying pan sets to a saucepan set. It comes in a set of six with one removable handle which you can use for all the six pans.

Tefal Ingenio comprises of an aluminum material which is the best for cooking utensils. As for the heating or the heat source the pans can handle induction, ceramic, gas, electric, and halogen. It is compatible with any oven but removes the handles and the lids before placing the pan in the oven.

Other features
Other features include plastic lids/glass lids, stainless steel handle and black in color which is the coating that makes the pan a nonstick. The pans are 24+28 cm while the sauce pans are 16+18+20cm.

On an overlook of the Tefal Ingenio, it has set the trend for others to follow. Made by the best technology, user-friendly features, and an exceptional safety standard. All these features are to make the product a must-have kitchen utensil. If a ranking were to be made, this would definitely make among the top brands and comes highly recommend to anyone who loves cooking.

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