Camping Cots 101

Camping Cots 101

To camping cot or to not camping cot? That is the concern. What is the answer? As with numerous things the response is … it depends! Right here we will certainly weigh the advantages and also drawbacks of the outdoor camping cot to see if it is for you.

I have been an avid camper for the previous Thirty Years and also have done all sorts of outdoor camping. Occasionally I desire a cot, as well as often I do not. Right here is why!


There are a great deal of benefits to having a cot. One of the most helpful is that it gets you off the ground and adds some convenience. We were educated this as one of our first Kid Precursor lessons. It is very important to have something between you and the ground when you are sleeping. Not just for dirt and pests, but mostly for the temperature. When you are sleeping your temperature will drop and so does the great night air. When outdoor camping, it is important to have something between you and the ground. Now, if you are seeking heat, after that a blanket/pad is the very best thing to have between you and also the ground. Believe it or not, you body actually warms up the pad as well as blanket up as well as assists maintain you cozy during the night. Nonetheless, if you are not camping in freezing temperatures then a cot will do.

Cots also include a lots of comfort. In my 20’s I might rest anywhere. Now that I am a little older sleeping on a hard surface pulls. So a cot makes my rest so much better comfort wise.

These days cots are made really strong, small and also lightweight. They are not like the cots of the worn out days where they were extremely bulky and many times heavy. Nowadays with camping technology you can load a cot that weights only 8 lbs and also take it anywhere.


As discussed today several cots are lightweight and also compact, nonetheless not every one of them are. Some are heavy or still bulky. When outdoor camping is merely a headache and necessary, over the years I have learned that bringing as well much stuff. Outdoor camping is much better delighted in with much less stuff that is really efficient. When outdoor camping, I apply the 80/20 rule. It states that 20 % of the camping equipment will be made use of 80 % of the moment when outdoor camping. If it doesn’t fit in the 20 % after that it is unneeded. After that bringing a camping cot could also be a problem, if you are backpacking. Also when backpacking a lot more is much less.

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