How Effective Is Laser Hair Removal

Getting rid of unwanted hair can easily become a time consuming chore especially if you have to shave or go for hair removal treatments every few days. Laser hair removal offers a better and effective alternative to shaving, electrolysis, waxing and other ways to remove unwanted hair. In fact, medical practitioners report that laser hair removal is the most practiced cosmetic procedure in the US. But, how effective is laser hair removal?

How laser hair removal works

Is laser hair removal effectiveBefore analyzing how effective laser hair removal is, it’s essential that you understand how it works. This procedure involves shining a concentrated beam of light (laser) on the skin where hair is to be removed. The beam targets melanin, the compound that gives skin and hair color. As melanin absorbs the beam, heat is generated destroying the cells of the hair follicle. You can now perform a similar procedure at home, check out sites that have the best ipl hair removal machines reviews for more info.

It’s usually a painless procedure and takes a few minutes to hours to complete. A few sessions are usually needed to completely remove unwanted hair.

Is it effective?

Compared to other hair removal methods, laser hair treatment is considered the most effective for the long term. However, it doesn’t guarantee that the hair won’t grow back as it doesn’t permanently alter the structure of the hair follicle. In addition, specific factors will determine whether laser hair removal will work or not.

Factors that will determine effectiveness of laser hair removal

As mentioned, the laser beam used in this procedure will target melanin. This means that people with darker hair and lighter skins will have better results than those with lighter hair colors and darker skins. Essentially, the laser will be unable to recognize any cells that lack a sufficient amount of melanin therefore being unable to target hair follicles that form under light hair. In addition, people with dark skin have an abundant amount of melanin. This increases chances that the beam will target skin cells rather than the hair follicle.

How successful the procedure is will also be determined by the number of sessions carried out. The number of laser hair removal sessions you undergo will be largely determined by your dermatologist’s recommendation after assessing the area hair is to be removed from, skin tone and hair color. Generally, you’ll need anything between 2 and 7 sessions.

Who does the procedure is also a contributing factor. Laser hair removal procedures need to be carried out by a trained professional.

Final thoughts on how effective is laser hair removal

Although it’s largely agreed that laser hair removal is the most effective procedure with regard to speed and results, there are instances where it will not work as expected.

First, it will not be effective for grey, blond or other light hair tones. However, advances in laser hair removal technology will make it possible to remove light toned hair.

Second, the potential side effects can prove laser hair removal ineffective. Some of the reported side effects include itching and irritation of the surrounding skin, blistering and discoloration. If you experience such side effects, your dermatologist is likely to cease using the procedure and recommend alternatives.

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